Opinion: Time to Change the Face of the Coin

12 Mar

It is about time to appreciate diversification is a normal chain in life. Once upon a time, all men spoke one dialect. But the need for diversification has masterclass unitarian concept in life. 

It is common to see most people not drawing understanding with the diverse ideas and approaches by the folks in other world. But then, your world view looks absolutely different from another person's world view.

The constant persuant of personal agenda, rather than collective agenda has since divided the world in to antagonistic and competitive blocs. 

In Ghana tribalism among major and minor tribes has caused serious social problems among cultures. Life is simple. Be common. Relate with people based on their ideology, and divide with them based on their ideology.

Basically, understand ideological dynamism. Never feel every one need your culture to be recognised. Everyone is recognised as a unique individual, and is important in his or her own uniqueness.

Say no to superiority, tribalism, neopotism, and racism. Thanks for reading.

Writer: Prince Barak - 0549366991