17 Apr

There are cultural expectations and traditions you are expected to heed anywhere you travel. The fastest growing city in west Africa, Tamale is not an exception.

To avoid being looked savage, read on to discover things you should avoid doing on a trip to Tamale or anywhere in the Northern Region.

The Use of the Left Hand is Limited

Using your left hand to gesticulate, shake hands, greet, wave, collect or receive items are frowned upon. Do not use your left hand in any of the actions stated above in order to avoid any inconvenience when you are in Tamale.

Don't Shake Hands With A Chief

In Dagbon chieftancy institution is sacred, hence shaking hands with a chief is considered as an insult. It is perceived to be a sign of disrespect on the chieftancy institution. So whenever you visit a palace in Dagbon don't force to shake hands with the chief and his elders.

Don't find "A Ya N Boŋo" Offensive

One of the popular phrases or terms you will hear in Tamale is "A Ya N Boŋo" which means, "Is here your home town?" It sounds offensive right? Your are right, one may even alludes it to tribalism. But don't be offended by that question. People say it with no ill intent.

Respect the Elderly

The elderly are revered in Ghana; a special respect reserved for those who have survived so long in a world such as this. To treat them with anything other than respect is the equivalent to doing the same to one’s own parents. Do so and prepare to be admonished for it by everyone around who was a witness.

Seek Permission Before Taking Pictures

You will find many scenes attractive when you happen to witness any of the festivals in Tamale but remember to seek permission before taking pictures. There are some cultural practices Dagombas wants to keep private and Others they want to make public. To avoid confusion, always seek permission from the right authorities before taking pictures.