Fadlan's New song with Fancy Gadam 'Jelila' is Just another 'Total Cheat'

04 Jun

The new era of Northern music does not have a monopoly on music videos featuring a small number of people. Even new musicians, let alone mainstream bands, have been pouring money into music videos in recent years.

However, putting a camera at someone and getting them to move isn't always enough to produce a fascinating final product. So, for their new song video Jelila, my hat is off to Fadlan and award-winning singer Fancy Gadam.

Everyone seems to enjoy Young Bull's new work, and possibly everyone who appears in the video does so adequately. From the bodyguards to the stunning vixens, everything is in place.

The music video, produced by Joe Gameli, and the TMP studio remind me of Fancy Gadam's national hit single, Total Cheat.