Character Assassination: Who is to be Blame? The Media or the Couple.

23 May

News spread, but fake news spread like wild fire in the harmattan. In the last three days, the cancellation of Mr. Anass and Miss Hubaida's wedding has become a regular porridge resident's of Tamale drink.

The news spread from the youth groupings in and around the Metropolis, to social media and then to the country's main news outlets. Few people care about knowing the facts. Covid-19 isn't the only pandemic wreaking havoc on the planet. Another epidemic is the sharing of news on social media without authenticating the source. Tamale tends to be dancing along the tunes.

It's sad to see how major media outlets and influential people are recklessly smearing Miss Hubaida and her family's reputation.

So, who is to blame? I inquire again. I hold the media houses responsible for publishing without first comfirming the information, which is an essential aspect of media ethics.

Much as I blame the news organizations that first spread the false information, I also agree that you can't blame a cat for eating your meat without blaming your meat for smelling inviting. I believe Mr Anass made a mistake by not giving any justification for his decision to cancel the highly publicized wedding.

Scholars warn that half-knowledge is risky. Mr Anass gave people the freedom to interpret the situation in their own way. Every tale becomes true when facts are absent.

You must be prepared to offer facts when you make your personal issues public; otherwise, you risk ruining your own name.

While some media outlets attempted to report the truth by welcoming the groom to their platform, he provided several reasons to believe the media's lies. In every interview I've seen so far, the young man appears to be unwilling to save his own name.

This story has a lesson for us all to remember. We need to rethink how we use public forums to publicize our personal issues. And, if we want the public to be interested in our personal affairs, we must be prepared to provide facts.