Shame of the Century: Who is Telling the Truth - Sagani Tv VS Afa Staff.

08 Feb

A statement authored by Programs manager of Sagani Tv, Mr. Ziblim David relating to Dj Staff's recent allegations of 'program plagiarism' has been sighted by on Facebook.

The programs manager debunk the allegations of the radio presenter and indicates that, the station had the idea even before the said proposal was sent to them.

 "If Afa Staff's good memory would serve him right which I know it would unless he is pretending which I also know he has never faked, when he brought his proposal to us, I personally opened my laptop and showed him this title "Goli Piɛliga" on my yet to come programs" portion of the statement reveals.

Staffs of the Television company has been reacting to the matter including, Inusah Hamza Lansah, who indicated in a private conversation with this portal that, the company has more interligent people who understand the Dagbani language better. 

 "Looking staff of Sagani TV me in particular do you think there is a word in Dagbanli that might sound sweet as a tittle of a program and I cant think about it?" Mr Lansah said.

He added that, "if you need a job from a company and you are not given an opportunity dont mean you shouldn't try to peddle false allegations about it."