Ghana is 64 years old but we don't look 64 - Salma Hudu

06 Mar

Who else didn't realize today is Independence Day? 

Who else needed to tally their fingers to recollect Ghana is 64? 

Since at 64, we don't look 64! 

Aside from the gifts of awakening to harmony and 'opportunity' every day, 

We by one way or another don't have the right to celebrate independence!

Indeed at 64 years, 

We actually have community’s drinking water with animals. 

We can contact them with polling stations however never with advancement. 

Before elections, they can head to exceptionally far places, perceive how much assistance their people need yet at the same time disregard them two seconds after elections. 

I can't fault this "politricktians" however I fault us with the cash they got us with. 

We will in any case energetically welcome them by cleaning their shoes and adulating them in vain done. 

Indeed at 64 years, 

With all our normal assets, we actually haul our hands out for worldwide guides. 

We actually don't have the foggiest idea how to utilize our common assets to create Mother Ghana. 

With respect to how our Ghana normal assets advantage individuals is as yet a dark wretchedness, 

We are still perfectly anchored in a modernized servitude.

At 64 years

Most schools attend class under trees coupled with harsh weather conditions.

Whiles most children of our leaders leave the country to study.

With all this harsh schooling conditions, there’s an increment of “unemployment” every year. 

Yes at 64,

“Sanitary pads” are heavily taxed and females skip classes in their periods.

And absolutely nothing is done. 

Yes it’s happening in this country.

At 64,

The definition of “Democracy” has been changed to “political party’s” definition.

And the youth see nothing wrong but instead defend anything and everything with their preferred ‘colors’.

At 64

Corruption became an open competition.

We celebrate corrupt leaders but curtail Kofi’s freedom because of a tuber of yam.


We have totally lost it all!

I can’t write all because this feels like multiplying 64 by zero!

So at 64 what are we celebrating?

Leaders who care about only their pockets?

Or leaders who are leaders for themselves only?


 Maybe let’s just celebrate our heroes who fought for us to be here today. The selfless ones who deserve it. 

God bless Mother Ghana.

And make her great and strong.

Long live Ghana.




Salama Hudu.