A comedian is in hot water after insulting a soldier in Tamale.

13 Jun

In many ways, it is critical for humans to laugh whenever possible, particularly during times of stress. Laughter is a natural stress reliever, and we could all use a little more of it right now. Seeing a comedy is always the finest medication.

There are new comedies coming out all the time—good ones that add to the canon—but it takes a few things to become a great one. A little amount of time goes a long way toward ensuring that the laughter aren't fleeting. The next step is to become a creative writer in order to put your amusing ideas into words.

Lazar, a young Ghanaian comedian, has it all. In terms of comedy, he is a complete package. Lazar and his team have been working nonstop to make us smile and forget about our awful days.

Even if you are the type who rarely laughs at hilarious things, you will undoubtedly burst out laughing after viewing Lazar's comedy clips.

Below are some of his clips. Enjoy but remember to thank me later. 🤣