04 Jan

The Northern Regions of Ghana (Northern Region, Savannah Region, North East, Upper East and Upper West regions) is the largest region in Ghana in terms of land area. 

The Northern Region is blessed with many tourist sites, but what easily comes to the mind of people when the Northern region is mentioned is tribal wars, poverty, under development and harsh climate conditions.

If you are in the Northern Region and looking for interesting tourist sites to visit, I will recommend these five.

The Mole National Park

The Mole National Park is a tourist site, located close to the Larabanga township.

The Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge. The Park is home to numerous and diverse plant and animal species, which include: elephants, hippos, buffalos, bird’s species, and many others.

The Lovi and Mole rivers flow through the park. The Park’s entrance can be reached through the Larabanga township.

The Larabanga Mosque

The Larabanga Mosque is said to be Ghana’s oldest mosque and one of the country’s most revered religious site. It was built in the 17th century and is one of only eight mosques with such architecture designs built in the country.The Mosque is famous for its architectural design.

Larabanga Mystery Stone

Some few kilometers away from the Larabanga Mosque, is another interesting tourist site in the Larabanga township: The Larabanga Mystery Stone. Mystery has it that, the stone, always moves back to its original resting place when it is moved. Because of this, the main road passing through the town had to be diverted around the stone. 

Salaga Slave Market

Salaga Slave market is one of the most important tourism land marks in the country. Back in the 17th century, the Salaga slave market was very important for traders who traded in all kinds of goods in this market: kola, beads, ostrich, feathers, gold, textiles, animal hides etc.It used to be the largest slave market in West Africa where humans were sold in exchange for cowries. The Salaga Slave Market, is located in Salaga. 

Nalerigu Defense Wall

The Nalerigu Defense Wall can be found in Nalerigu, in the East Mamprusi district, about 156km away from Tamale. The wall was said to be built about 500 years ago by Naa Jaringa, a chief of the Mamprusi tribe.

He built the wall initially to surround the whole village to protect the villagers from slave raiders and also to ensure that his name: Naa Jaringa would always be remembered. According to local people, the wall was built with stones, mud, honey and milk. Today, only a few remains of the wall can be seen in Nalerigu.

Daboya Township

Daboya is a very famous town in the Norther region of Ghana. It is known majorly for its salt mining. It still an important activity in the town today. Apart from salt mining, the town also known for its hand woven and unique textiles. The white Volta also runs nearby and visitors can go for boat rides and fishing.